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Control systems
Control systems for continuous and periodic processes

Production and service

Choosing SPC «KRUG» as a partner, customers takes notice of optimum relationship «price-quality» of our products, availability of realized customizable projects, service completeness and firm’s financial facilities. Department officers are intimated production specificity and they are able to offer end-to-end automation solutions proprietary for each customer and help in hardware selection and in systems engineering.

Professionalism and cooperation

Control systems (CS) departments designs control systems for continuous and periodic processes, the centralized and territorial distributed units. Functionality and scale CS founded in the range from local (unit control) to complex systems:

  • Control systems – control systems of monitoring and control of technological processes
  • Automated systems of the commercial account of the heat-electric power
  • Automated systems the technical account of the heat-electric power
  • Automated systems of operative-dispatch and dispatch-technological management
  • Telemechanics systems
  • Systems of technical and commercial account of heating resources, natural gas and oil products
  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management).

Control systems designing is based on Russian and foreign DCS.

DCS and other

Simplicity and flexibility, high-technology equipment, openness and availability of program-technical complexes (DCS), made by «KRUG», are foundation for serial solutions for industrial automation as for system integrators as for end users.

You can order complete adjusted DCS, software and hardware «by catalogue»:

  • DCS
  • Communication modules «DevLink»:
    - Communication server (DevLink ComServer)
    - Protocol converter (DevLink Converter)
  • Universal time server «TimeVisor».