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Digital pneumatic converters PPM
60 recorders can be replaced by one PPM


60 recorders can be replaced by 

  • Give up unwieldy switchboards, recorders, pneumatic switches and mechanical integrators, ink and diagram paper;
  • Don't waste time for manual working of measurement results;
  • Don't think about permanent technical maintenance and repair;
  • Solve the problem of level measurement of liquid in tanks.

one PPM

Thanks to PPM you will have:
  • Fully automatic registration of liquid pressure or level in tanks being measured by pneumatic transmitters;
  • Possibility of direct conversion of pneumatic signal in a digital code at a minimal cost;
  • High precision and quick measurement;
  • Data transfer in a digital form to computer;
  • Ease of creating and use of information systems without considerable investments;
  • High reliability and quality;
  • Ease of testing and calibration procedure;



Number of pneumatic inputs in one PPM 12
Number of PPMs in one composite rack 5
Input signal range 20-100 kPa (0,2-1,0 kg/cm²)
0-100 kPa; 
0-20 kPa (made to order)
Maximal height of tanks by liquid level measurement from 1 to 10 m
Basic error less than 0,25 %; 0,5 %
Complementary temperature error less than 0,25 %; 0,5 % / 10 Ń
Measurement cycle duration of input signals 1 sec
Number of PPMs connected to one network up to 31 sheets
Exchange data protocol MODBUS (RTU), OPC
Operating temperature range from +5 to +45 Ń
Supply voltage =18-30 V or ~15-24 V
Power consumption less than 2,5 Wt
Dimensions of PPM in an individual rack 260x160x135 mm
Dimensions of PPM in a composite rack DIN 19", 3U 364x483x130 mm
Rack safety level IP20

Technical information
User manual (in Russian)



Measurement of pressure and the expense from pneumatic gauges and account devices

1. Pressure and consumption measurement by means of pneumatic transmitters and recorders.
PPM is used for proportional conversion of standardized pneumatic signal from transmitters into a digital code that is further transferred to high level systems.

2. Pressure and level measurement of liquid in tanks.
PPM is used for pressure or level measurement by following hydrostatic methods:

I. Direct hydrostatic pressure measurement of non-aggressive liquid in tanks.

II. Level measurement of liquid by means of air pressure in bell fitted with a flexible membrane.

III. Piezometric level measurement by means of compressed air blow.

IV. Direct pressure measurement of non-aggressive liquid.

Technical information

User manual (in Russian)