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Full service spectrum of engineering,
developing and projecting

Production and service

Choosing SPC «KRUG» as a partner, customers takes notice of optimum relationship «price-quality» of our products, availability of realized customizable projects, service completeness and firm’s financial facilities. Department officers are intimated production specificity and they are able to offer end-to-end automation solutions proprietary for each customer and help in hardware selection and in systems engineering.


High quality of firm services confirmed more than 30 certificates and licenses, including Federal Agencies of technical regulation and metrology, building and others fields. It is afford us to realize full service spectrum of engineering, developing and projecting:

  • Object inspection
  • Designing of automation conceptions and technical requirements specification
  • Developing construction documents
  • Engineering
  • Assembly control systems, FAT
  • Bundling by means of control equipment
  • Chef-installation
  • Precommissioning
  • After-sales service
  • Training of the operational and technological staff
  • Project management.