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Software products
Software for modern industrial automation systems

Production and service

Choosing SPC «KRUG» as a partner, customers takes notice of optimum relationship «price-quality» of our products, availability of realized customizable projects, service completeness and firm’s financial facilities. Department officers are intimated production specificity and they are able to offer end-to-end automation solutions proprietary for each customer and help in hardware selection and in systems engineering.

Software products

Software products of SPC «KRUG» are producing by embedded software department and system software department specialists using modern team engineering. It is afford to solve effective problems of project management, configuration and changes in software life cycle.

Application standard and innovative solutions in software designing provide a facility horizontal and vertical data exchange between subsystems of enterprise and affords to create multicomponent open medium for production control in integrated information field:

  • Integrated SCADA KRUG-2000®
  • Real-time systems for industrial controllers
  •  NEW!  MODBUS protocol OPC server
  • -servers, device drivers.

SPC «KRUG» offers tools «KRUG Toolkit», «SDK drivers» for third-party developers to create OPC-clients and device drivers, and also to carry out individual customs of software designing.

See the booklet (.pdf format) for details