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Standardized projects and effective solutions of comprehensive automation in different branches of industry

From individual control system creation to wide replication of type design solutions

Long term experience and market research affords SPC «KRUG» successfully replicate own innovations, such integrated recourse counting systems based on uniform program-technical suits for large-scale industrial enterprises, standardized solutions for DAQ through various communication channels, tens standardized projects of comprehensive automation in different branches of industry and many others effective solutions.

Solutions in oil branch

Automation in oil processing: SPC_KRUG solutions booklet Solutions of crude oil and petroleum products intake/storage/unloading facilities booklet

  • Control systems of oil processing
  • Systems of commercial oil and oil-products calculation
  • Control systems of raw material and finished product bases
  • Loading systems
  • Intellectual anti-emergåncy systems
  • Automated systems of incident liquidation
  • Control systems of oil-processing mini-factory

see the booklet (.pdf format) for details

Solutions of crude oil and petroleum products intake/storage/unloading facilities
see the booklet (.pdf format)

Solutions in gas branch

  • Control systems of gas processing
  • DCS of gas-compressor units with electric drive
  • Custody transfer systems for natural gas and LPG
  • Control systems of tank fields

see the booklet (.pdf format)


Solutions in Energetic

  • Control systems of boilers
  • Automated ignition systems
  • Control systems of turbo generators
  • Control systems of gas turbine units
  • Systems of commercial gas and heat recourses account
  • Integrated systems of technical energy resources account
  • Control systems for municipal heat
  • Data consolidation system of energy company

see the booklet (.pdf format) for details

Solutions in building and municipal services

  • Control systems of residential community power consumption
  • Control systems of building life support systems
  • Sanitations – operative-dispatching control systems, automation of borehole water intake and comprehensive automation of sanitations

Solutions in other branches

  • Chemistry - solvent recovery systems on oil dewaxing apparatus, caprolactam production, control systems of loading rack
  • Building industry – control systems for lime burning ovens, control systems of aerocrete production
  • also automation solutions in metallurgy, mining industry, pharmaceutics, melioration, food industry

Solutions for enterprise integrated control system

  • Integration with EAM
  • Integration with MES
  • Integration with ERP 

Effectiveness and total cost of ownership

Offering proved cost-effective solutions for our Customers, we give them definite competitive advantages

  • For operations corporative management of territorially distributed manufactures, programming-technical complexes of SPC «KRUG» unify data flows from several CS (multiserver access), and provide User’s ability of building united dispatching jobsite with centralized direction functions.
  • Software tools exchange functional of SPC «KRUG» allows control system to be seen as server or client component in production organizational pattern and allow to create automated system architectures of arbitrary complication.
  • Provision with high operational reliability control, directly linked with fault tolerance of equipment and software, is key distinctive feature of complex and mission-critical control systems of our production.
  • In the targets of reliability and persistence growth of automation systems programming - technical complexes of SPC «KRUG» is designing on principle designed multilevel backup.
  • Easy integration of programming-technical complexes of SPC «KRUG» in united factory automation control system achieves at the expense of using such integration standards as, for example, IEC 870-5-101/104, MODBUS, ÎÐÑ DA and OPC HDA, ODBC, and also at the expense of separation applied function from transport and communication functions.
  • Function realization as account so technical calculation based on uniform suite hardware and software means allow to refuse great number of various heat-calculators, gas-calculators and other means. 

Using programming-technical complexes of SPC «KRUG» to reduce the total cost of ownership fundamentally at the expense of:

  • basic costs reduction – fully adjusted high factory availability products; uniform hardware and software; free update; availability of special troubleshooting utilities and remote coding privacy lock
  • maintenance charges reduction – high reliability of programming-technical and self-diagnosis means, allows to support workability of control system with minimal cost; data consolidation in united integrated information field; reduction of staff risk of mistakes at the expense of high quality training in SPC «KRUG» preparation center. 

SPC «KRUG» is able to solve a queries of large-scale companies as medium and small-scale enterprises. For this purpose the firm use own experience and own innovation designs and also novel world achievements of industrial automation. And not casually, the policy of SPC «KRUG» in quality is formed as: «Permanent search of novelty, progressive, desire for exceed Consumer’s expectations.»